Armenian Silver Coins

The Noah’s Ark Series:

All of the Noah's Ark silver coins feature the same design. On the obverse of an Armenian silver Noah's Ark coin, you'll find a detailed depiction of the biblical vessel sailing over ferocious waves; while a turtle dove flies in the foreground holding an olive branch in its beak. On the reverse, the Armenian national seal is found in the middle with all identifying information similar to what you'd see on circulatory coins.

This series is available in gold or silver. One unique feature of these coins is the range of sizes they are available in. These Armenian silver coins can be issued in sizes ranging from 1/2 Ounce up to 5 Kilograms. However, silver 1-ounce coins are easily the most popular sized Noah’s Ark coins on the market.

Why Buy Armenian Silver Coins?

Many nations produce silver coins, as well as coins made from other precious metals. So, why choose Armenian silver?

The Armenian Noah's Arc series of silver coins is manufactured by Geiger Edelmetalle AG on behalf of the country. Geiger Edelmetalle is on of Germany's largest private precious metals refineries, which carries with it an excellent reputation for the quality of its products.

The unique approach to visual depictions that is used for their coins sets them aside from practically any other bullion manufacturer. Of course, the coins are also made from 999 pure fine silver; meaning they are investment grade, and meet the standards required to qualify as investment bullion coins. The coin series is well recognised worldwide, but particularly in Europe where they remain quite popular.

Investing in Silver Coins:

Silver retains its value during economic downturns, and it rises in value during economically positive times. This helps to ensure that your portfolio maintains its value or even grows during periods when gold is stagnant.

Investing in silver coins specifically provides those benefits while making the investment easier to store. It's far easier to store dozens of silver coins than it is to store the same number of silver bars. Coins also tend to come with more artistic depictions that add visual flair and collectible value you simply don't get with a normal mint bar.


Purchasing Armenian silver coins, especially the beloved Noah’s Ark coins, is easy with Suisse Gold. Payment is accepted in any of 15 currencies, and these include BTC, GBP, USD, and EUR. We also offer secured delivery methods, or if you prefer, secure offsite storage in the finest Swiss vaults upon request.

For our European clients, we offer VAT-free transactions via our secure storage facility on all purchases of silver, platinum, and palladium.

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