Dragon Silver Coin Bars

Launched in 2019, the Perth Mint Dragon Coin bar quickly became a favorite among precious metals investors worldwide. The Perth Mint launched the dragon coin bar in response to the overwhelming popularity of the Year of the Dragon lunar series coin. The Dragon has long since been the favorite animal among investors in the Perth Mint Lunar Series of gold and silver coins. 

These bars are currently available in 1 Ounce size only. The back of each bar feature an image of a dragon, with smoke and some fire balls floating in the background. 

The reverse of the bar features an image of Queen Elizabeth II with the coin's weight, purity and face value on it. Each coin contains 9999 fine investment grade silver bullion, and has a face value of $1 AUD. These coin bars are a unique addition to the products available to precious metals investors. They are some of very few coins that are in the shape of a bar available to gold and silver investors. 

These bars are sold in plastic cases of 20, or in mini monster boxes for investors looking to purchase larger quantities.

About the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is one of the most prominent precious metals refineries worldwide, and investors worldwide look to invest in their products. They release a range of silver bars and coins annually. Their newly released silver 1 Ounce Kangaroo bar and 10 and 1 kilogram silver cast bars are very popular with investors, particularly those looking to buy silver bars for investing. 

They also release a number of silver coins annually, including the silver Kangaroo and Kookaburra coins, the silver Koala coin, and the silver Swan coin. All 1 Ounce silver coins released by the Perth Mint have a face value of $1 AUD.

The Perth Mint was formed in 1899. At that time significant amounts of gold were mined in Australia, but had to be shipped back to the Royal Mint in the UK in order to be refined. The Perth Mint was formed as a way to refine Australian gold locally. Initially the mint focused on manufacturing gold Sovereign coins, which were accepted as currency worldwide due to their gold content. Today, the Perth Mint is at the forefront of the bullion industry, releasing a range of bullion products that are available to clients worldwide.

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