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Buy silver maple leaf coins, including 1 ounce silver maple leafs, and the special edition maple leafs, for secure vault storage and worldwide delivery. Silver Maple Leaf coins are produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1 Ounce denominations. Silver Maple Leaf coins are one of the most popular silver coins amongst precious metals investors and collectors.

Silver coins can offer an outstanding opportunity for precious metals investors. A range of silver coins is available to investors, and they are manufactured by a number of the world's top mints and refineries. Canada, via the Royal Canadian Mint, produces some of the most popular silver coins on the market today, which are available in a variety of styles. Although the normal 1-ounce silver coin is the most common, other weights are also available.

Canadian silver coins are readily transportable and are available. Due to their size, Canadian silver coins may be held in a home safe, a bank safe deposit box, or any other depository of your choosing. also offers secure VAT-exempt storage of silver coins in Zurich for clients who prefer not to take delivery.

A History of the Canadian Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint started striking coins at its Ottawa location on January 2, 1908, as a subsidiary of the Royal Mint and continued to do so until 1931, when it became an entirely Canadian enterprise. With its headquarters in Ottawa and production facilities in Winnipeg, Canada has developed one of the most successful and complex mint processes in the world, with activities that incorporate bullion DNA technology.

Since the 1988 introduction of the famous Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf, the RCM has released a number of distinct silver coin series. While the front of each silver coin offered by the RCM may be the same year after year due to the use of multiple effigies of Queen Elizabeth II, the reverse image brings diversity to each piece by featuring realistic depictions of unique Canadian fauna or even pop culture figures.

Silver Maple Leaf Coins

This silver coin is the Royal Canadian Mint's most well-known yearly offering. This 1 oz. Coin, with the distinctive sugar maple leaf, has served as Canada's counterpart to the US Mint's famed Silver Eagle Series.

With a pure face value of five dollars and a reverse design featuring a sugar maple leaf, this coin is renowned for its quality and technical innovation, and while the design has remained largely unchanged over the series' 30-year lifespan, subtle changes and dramatic technological advancements have continued to evolve.

Recently, the RCM launched the first Incuse and Super Incuse Maple Leafs, which include submerged design elements that allow for a new appreciation of this ancient design.

Wildlife Series Silver Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint's Canadian Wildlife silver coin series is one of the company's most successful to date. The Timber Wolf, the Cougar, the Grizzly Bear, the Longhorn Antelope, the Moose, and the Bison are all featured in this series, which began in 2011. Each coin is made of one troy ounce 0.9999 pure silver.

Birds of Prey Series

The Royal Canadian Mint launched the Birds of Prey Series in 2014, with each coin featuring a red-tailed hawk, peregrine falcon, great horned owl, and bald eagle. Each coin is five dollars in face value and contains 0.9999 silver.

Mounted Police Silver Coins

The Royal Mounted Police and the Dominion Police merged to become Canada's national police department in 1920. And in 2020 a coin was released to celebrate its centennial anniversary. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, with its iconic red-coated Mountie on horseback, remains one of Canada's most recognizable faces to the rest of the globe.

The etched artwork depicts a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer on horseback. The reverse likewise has the phrase "CANADA" at the curving rim, surrounded by maple leaves, along with the face value of "5 DOLLARS" and the year "2020." The obverse depicts Susanna Blunt's effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Silver Predator Series

In 2016, the RCM responded to collectors' requests for a new, refreshing wildlife coin, beginning with the Predator Cougar Coin. Three further coins depicting the Wolf, Lynx, and Grizzly followed. These coins have Queen Elizabeth II on their obverse with a face value of five dollars.

Investing in Canadian Silver Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint began an ambitious effort in 2015 to add security elements to its coins, with the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf being the first to get these new anti-counterfeiting safeguards. The first change was the insertion of laser-etched radial lines to the coin's reverse and obverse surfaces.

Depending on the design of the Canadian silver coin, the reverse radial lines spanned the full backdrop or only a piece around the outer rim. The purpose of the radial lines is to deflect light in several directions, making counterfeiting more difficult.

The Royal Canadian Mint also added a maple leaf privy mark to the reverse side of coins within a year. This micro-engraved privy mark contains the coin's year of issuance, with the last two digits visible only when magnified. The most recent advantageous modification to Canadian silver coins occurred in 2018 and is focused on aesthetics rather than security.

MINTSHIELD technology was introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2018 to address the issue of milky spots, or white spots, on the silver currency. It was created after thorough research to help prolong the beauty of silver coins and eliminate a typical problem that may arise with silver during the coining process.

The technology is an imperceptible application that preserves the inherent value of silver coins without impairing their metal content or purity in any manner. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins issued in 2018 were the first to have the new MINTSHIELD application.

Investing in Silver

Silver is an excellent long-term investment, and each investment portfolio should include silver coins and bars. Silver coins can be an excellent inflation hedge, and silver bullion is a countercyclical investment, meaning it has a track record of transgressing stocks and other assets during periods of market collapse. Increase the protection of your retirement funds by diversifying your portfolio with silver. Buy Silver Maple Leaf coins today.

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