Chinese Silver Coins

Buy silver Chinese panda coins, including 1oz silver panda coins, for secure vault storage and worldwide delivery. Buy also sell the newly released series of Panda silver coins, available in 30 gram denominations.

Silver coins have always been valuable. However, few have the same numismatic benefits of the Chinese Panda silver coins. Manufactured by the China Mint, the alluring Silver Panda series has proven to be in high demand among investors over the last few decades. If you are looking to buy silver coins, then consider investing in Chinese silver Pandas.

A Brief Look into The Chinese Silver Panda Coins Series

On the front side of the Silver China Panda is an image of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The year of minting is situated to the right of the main image. The reverse side of the coin shows an image of two pandas in the snow. This image is updated annually, and is only featured on the 2022 coin.

Each coin has a face value of 10 Yuan and weighs 30 grams. Around 2016, the Chinese Mint decided to change the units and denominate these coins in grams instead of ounces. It is the only current silver coin that is denominated in grams. Silver Pandas are sold individually or in boxes of 600 coins. Each coin is sealed in its own plastic capsule, and has a fineness of 999. The Panda series is also available in gold and platinum for investors who seek diversification in their portfolios.

How Valuable Is the Chinese Silver Panda?

For anyone looking to invest in Silver Pandas, they should know that their numismatic value can make them lucrative in the longer term. What this means is that the value of the coin does often appreciate over the spot price in the long term.

The Panda series is minted in several mints across China, including those in Shenzhen and Beijing. For this reason there are slight variations across the coins. 

The mintage of these coins is limited annually, and updated almost every year. This adds to the appreciation value of the coins. 

Why Invest in the Silver Panda Coins?

The benefits of investing in silver Pandas are two-fold. Aside from the general advantages of owning silver coins, such as hedging against inflation and long-term collectible value, silver Panda Coins also have numismatic benefits. 

For investors looking for VAT-free Silver Pandas, offers worldwide delivery and insured storage in Switzerland for a year, free of charge. These coins can be bought via a bank transfer, in many as 16 different currencies. Furthermore, the option to purchase using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is also available.

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