Cook Islands Silver Coins

Buy Cook Islands silver coins including Cook Islands bounty coins and Cook Islands silver coin bars. 

About Cook Islands Silver Coins:

The Cook Islands silver coin series feature vivid artistic depictions of Queen Elizabeth II and images reflecting the history of the Cook Islands. These coins are available in two main formats: silver coins and silver coin bars.

Both are made from 999 fine silver and finished with a high polish.

The Cook Islands Silver Coin:

The 1-ounce Cook Islands silver coin is a coin made on behalf of the Cook Islands government. These coins are minted by several mints on behalf of the government of the Cook Islands, with most minted either by the Mint of Poland or the Pobjoy Mint in the UK. This pure-silver coin is made from 999 fine silver, and it features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. On the reverse, a detailed depiction of a sailing ship can be found with identifying markings along the edge of the coin.

This is the most traditional Cook Islands silver coin; as it follows the same format as any other bullion coin on the market.

Silver Coin Bars from the Cook Islands:

Silver coin bars are dramatically different in comparison to the basic silver coins we detailed above. However, coin bars combine a silver coin with a silver bar to create something that brings the best of both worlds.

The Cook Islands silver coin bars appear to be just like any other specialty bullion bar. The most popular format is the 1-ounce size featuring all of the traditional identifying information on the obverse and reverse sides of the bar per the industry standard. However, there is a major difference.

The same Cook Islands silver coin we detailed above is embedded in the upper center of the bar. They’re highly collectible, and their unique design as both a bar and a coin makes them highly sought-after by investors and collectors alike.

VAT-Free Silver Storage in Switzerland:

Suisse Gold offers clients the option of secure VAT-free silver storage in Switzerland. When purchasing bullion, VAT fees can dramatically increase the price of the transaction. Within Europe these fees are around 20%. 

Suisse Gold offers all European clients VAT-free purchase of silver, platinum, and palladium via our secure vault storage option.

By taking advantage of this, clients can minimize their investment costs without sacrificing the overall transaction.


Suisse Gold sells Cook Islands silver coins and coin bars to investors looking to buy silver coins online. 

We accept 15 currencies including GBP, CHF, EUR, BTC, and USD, and we offer secure storage in Swiss vaults for clients upon request.

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