Investment Silver Coins

Investment Grade silver bullion coins 

999+ fine investment grade silver bullion

These silver coins are supplied based upon our current stock availability. Samples of supplied coins include: 

  • American eagles
  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Austrian Philharmonics
  • British Britannias
  • Niue Owls
  • South African Krugerrands
  • Australian Kangaroos
  • Or others.

Coins not listed above may also be supplied. These low premium silver coins are sold at a reduced rate based on current excess stock availability. For clients looking to buy silver coins online based on the premium, this is the best option available. These silver coins are available for worldwide delivery and for secure VAT-free Swiss storage.

Investing in Silver as Part of a Portfolio:

Investing in silver purely for its value as a metal can be extremely fruitful.

Silver holds its value extremely well during economic downturns. However, when the economy is good and the market is growing, the price of silver goes up. This is a direct counterpart to gold which does the opposite.

Silver’s high demand also makes it easy to liquidate. If you suddenly need to liquidate a portion of your silver portfolio, it is fairly straightforward.

However, the timing of silver investing is important. Because the grey metal's price can be quite volatile, it is important for investors to consider the current market price as well as the gold-silver ratio in order to determine when is a good time to buy silver. 

One way to minimize your risk of price voltility is to purchase “investment silver coins”. Since you’re not choosing a specific coin, Suisse Gold can reduce the premium on the coin or coins, which then increases your potential return on investment. In essence, you’ll get the same high-quality silver investment without all the added premium charges.

Why Invest in Silver?

Silver has several benefits that investors of all kinds will enjoy.

First, it perfectly complements gold. Gold increases in value when the economy is poor and the market takes a major hit. It holds its value when times are good. On the other hand, silver does the opposite. When the market is up, silver gains value. When it’s down, silver holds its value. Buying both ensures that your portfolio continuously grows.

Silver is also accessible. A 1-ounce silver bar or coin can cost around €20 to €40. They are affordable for most investors. 

Where is Silver Mined and What is it Used for?

Silver is mined on virtually every populated continent. It's a fairly common alloy. However, it's not the easiest to process. Silver is often melded with various forms of lead, gold, and even arsenic. Before silver can be refined, it has to be separated from such materials via electrosys to preserve and separate the silver.

Silver must then be refined further via smelting. It is from this stage onward that bullion can be made.

Once the silver is rendered into pure bullion, there are various uses for it. Silver exhibits two major properties that make it useful in various applications.

First, it’s highly conductive. This makes it a great choice for completing circuits in complex electronics. This is a major usage for silver in the tech industries and several others.

Beyond that, silver is anti-microbial and non-reactive. This makes it ideal for medical applications and other applications that require metal to store sensitive chemicals and fluids. Plus, it has countless other uses in the medical industry.

This necessary use of silver in countless industries makes it incredibly in demand and easy to liquidate.

VAT-Free Silver Storage in Switzerland:

Suisse Gold offers all of its European clients VAT-free transactions on silver, palladium, and platinum via our VAT-Free storage service which is located in Zurich, Switzerland.  

We also accept 15 international currencies, offer secure delivery, and offer secure storage in premium Swiss vaults upon request.

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