Mexican Silver Coins

Buy silver Libertad coins produced by the Mexican Mint, including 1 Ounce silver Libertads, for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery.

When considering what makes a good investment with long-term potential, investors can never go wrong with silver coins. They are considered to be a hedge against inflation and are cheaper than gold. But with so many options available in the market today, which is the right option for investors?

What Is the Mexican Mint?

The silver Libertad was first created at the La Casa de Moneda de Mexico in 1982, which is now known as the Mexican Mint (1535). Little do people know that the Mexican mint is essentially one of the oldest Mint in North American history. Located in the capital, the Mexican Mint produces currency and circulating coinage for Mexico.

Buy Silver Libertads Coins

What makes the Mexican Silver Libertad stand out against its competitors is its incredibly historic design. On the front part of the coin is a sculpturesque design of the National Shield of Mexico. It is incorporated by the legend ‘Estados Unidos Mexicanos’. The image is enclosed by various national coats of arms reflecting the history of Mexico. On the reverse side, there rests a Winged Victory statue and famous Mexican volcanoes (Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl) in the background.

Other Coins Manufactured by the Mexican Mint

Selective investors looking to buy Mexican silver coins will find the Libertad is the right option. The Libertad coin is the official coin series of Mexico, and is available in gold and in silver. Mexico also ciruclates a 50 Peso gold coin which contains 37.5 grams of gold and has a guaranteed finesse of .999. The silver Libertad coins are so selective that the Mexican Mint has produced only 613,100 pieces of the coin in the 1 Ounce size.

Silver Libertad coins are available in a range of sizes in limited quantities. If buyers are looking to invest in silver Libertad coins, they have the option of choosing from a 1/20 Ounce coin up to a 10 ounce coin. 

Buying Silver Coins As An Investment

One thing that makes buying silver coins a safe investment is the metal's wide application in a large range of industries. Silver has heavy demand in the industrial sector, specifically in the making of solar panels, medical equipment, microcircuits, and more. Silver is also used for the electric automotive industry. 

Why Buy Silver Coins?

Investing in the Mexican Silver Libertad Coins can help strengthen an investor's precious metals portfolio. For a stunning coin with a unique historic story, investors cannot go wrong with the limited exclusive supply of Mexican Silver Libertad Coins. 

Buy VAT-free silver Libertads

Clients of may purchase silver Libertad coins that include free storage for one year from the time of purchase. Storage of silver with is VAT-Free. Worldwide delivery is also available.

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