Silver Monster Boxes

Buy silver monster boxes, including silver eagle monster boxes, silver maple leaf monster boxes, and silver philharmonic monster boxes for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery. Monster boxes are a popular option amongst silver investors looking to purchase larger amounts of silver bullion coins.

What are Silver Monster Boxes?

Silver monster boxes are plastic containers designed to hold larger quantities of silver coins. All major mints responsible for manufacturing silver bullion coins produce them. These include the monster box of silver Eagles, Maples, Phils and Britannias. Most silver monster boxes contain 500 coins - either 20 tubes of 25 coins, or 25 tubes of 20 coins. However, some contain other amounts. For example, monster boxes of 1 Ounce silver Chinese Pandas came in boxes of 600 coins. And monster boxes of silver Kangaroos come in boxes of 250 coins. 

A monster box is the unit in which a government mint will package silver coins - coins are first sealed into tubes, and then into monster boxes which are used to transport the coins. 

Why Buy Silver Monster Boxes?

Buying silver coins in monster boxes is hugely popular, and especially among investors looking to purchase larger quantities of silver. For many investors silver coins are a more popular choice than bars. The quality of the finish is higher, and they are manufactured by a major government mint. Coins also have legal tender. Most coins are manufactured in a 1 Oz size, which also means that they can be sold off incrementally if need be. This allows an investor greater control over his silver investment. 

Silver coins also have a legal tender value. This value is nominal - for example, most 1 Oz silver coins have a nominal value between $1 - $2, but the value of the silver content with in the coin far exceeds this. However, this nominal value can have tax advantages, as does investing in legal tender coins in some countries. The laws on this vary from country to country, so it is important that investors do their own research prior to making a purchase. 

Can I buy Monster Boxes without paying the tax?

Yes, you can. VAT is only payable on silver monster boxes for clients that take delivery of their purchase. Unfortunatly, there is no way around this for clients located in the European Union. However, clients do have the option of leaving silver mosnter boxes in storage. offers clients VAT-exempt storage located in Zurich, Switzerland. Clients can manage their holding through their online account. This include selling their silver coins back to us at any time or requesting delivery. If clients chose to sell their bullion back to us, then no VAT is ever payable on purchases. 

What are the most popular Silver Monster Boxes?

A number of countries make silver monster boxes, however there are a few that stand out as the most popular with investors:

Silver American Eagles

American Eagles come in monster boxes of 500 coins. These boxes are green, and coins arrive in 25 tubes of 20 coins each. These coins each feature the design of the American Eagle coin, with Lady Liberty on the reverse. Each coin has a face value of $1 USD.

Silver Maple Leafs

The Royal Canadian Mint manufactures the silver Maple Leaf coin annually, and it is the best selling silver coin worldwide. Each coin has a face value of $5 CAD. The Canadian Maple Leaf Monster Box is typically yellow, although it does come in other colours, particularly for the special edition series of Maples that are issued regularly. 

Silver Philharmonics

Silver Philharmonic coins are manfuactured by the Austrian Mint, and each has a face value of €1.50. These monster boxes were originally manufactured from high density cardboard, but were switched to plastic several years ago. Now each monster box is red. These coins also come in 25 tubes of 20 coins each. Silver Philharmonics are very popular with investors in Europe. 

Silver Britannias

Silver Britannias are the only 1 Ounce silver coin regularly issued by the Royal Mint. Each coin has a face value of £2 GBP. These coins come in a black monster box of 20 tubes of 25 coins. These coins are particularly popular with UK residents, as they have tax advantages. They are also popular with many British expats living worldwide. 

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