Somalian Silver Coins

Somalian Issue Silver Coins:

Somalia might not be the first place you think of when wondering where to source your silver bullion, but it's actually one of the top issuers of highly-popular silver coins. Their coins are manufactured by the Bavarian State Mint on behalf of the African nation. One thing making these coins so popular is the country's focus on honoring African wildlife with the artistic depictions found on its coins.

Somalia's wildlife-themed silver coins are available to investors around the globe, and its most popular coin is the silver Elephant coin.

The Somalian Elephant Series:

Among the lion, hyena, and various other instantly-recognizable parts of Africa’s robust list of wildlife, the mighty elephant is perhaps the most beloved by people around the world.

These government issued Somalian silver coins honour the Elephant as a cultural symbol of Africa. Each coin has detailed symbolic imagery honoring the country of Somalia on the obverse of the coin, and the reverse features an astoundingly detailed elephant. The image of the Elephant that features on the coin is updated annually.

These coins maintain the full value of their precious metal (they are classed as investment grade silver coins) while gaining extra value from their collectability.

Somalian Silver Coins:

Each Somalian silver elephant coin features the vivid imagery described above, but each coin is also made from 999 pure silver and polished to a remarkable near-mirror finish. The detailed carvings on these coins rival some of the finest depictions typically only found on larger bars; where space is plentiful.

Why Invest in Silver Coins?

Silver is a key part of any well-rounded portfolio. It is lower in value than other metals, but that means that also makes it more accessible. Furthermore, a silver portfolio can be build up and sold off incrementally in smaller units over time, in a way that portfolios containing other metals cannot. 

Silver also has a rather unique trait. Gold, the more popular investment metal, only gains value during economic downturns. It stays stable when the economy is good and people aren’t flocking to buy it. Silver, on the other hand, does the opposite. It will grow in value during good economic periods, and when the economy takes a hit, silver will maintain its value well.

By investing in silver, you have the potential to keep your portfolio growing consistently.


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