South African Silver Coins

Buy South African Silver coins including the newly released silver Krugerrand coin. Coins may be purchased individually or in monster boxes. Coins are manufactured by the Rand Refinery.

South African Silver Coins - The Rand Refinery

The Rand Refinery was the first precious metals refinery to manufacture gold coins for retail investors on a large scale. Gold Krugerrands were first launched in the 1970s, and by 1979 the Rand Refinery was selling nearly three million coins annually. Krugerrands were launched as a means for the government of South Africa to monetize some of the gold that the country mined. 

The Krugerrand coin was only available in gold until 2016, when the Refinery also launched a silver Krugerrand. Initially the silver Krugerrand was only available in high proof versions that sold for significant amounts over the silver spot price. However, the Rand Refinery recently introduced a silver Krugerrand coin designed to compete with the silver Maple Leaf series. This Krugerrand is sold in monster boxes of 500 coins, just like the Maple Leaf monster box, and it is priced competitively. This recent addition to the silver coin market has made a lot of silver investors happy, as the gold Krugerrand is a hugely popular seller. 

Silver Krugerrand Monster Boxes

The Silver Krugerrand Monster box comes with 25 tubes of 20 coins each. All coins are in Brilliant, Uncirculated condition. Unlike most silver coins, the Krguerrand does not have a face value - instead, the coin's value is based on its silver content. However, it is manufactured on behalf of the government of South Africa, and therefore still considered a coin. Each coin features an image of Paul Kruger on the front, with a Springbok on the reverse. Silver Monster Boxes of Krugerrands are available for worldwide delivery or for secure Swiss vault storage, which is VAT-free. 

Tubes of Silver Krugerrands

For clients that are considering purchasing silver Krugerrands but who do not wish to purchase monster boxes, we offer silver Krugerrands in tubes, issued directly from the Rand Refinery. Clients purchasing tubes of coins can purchase a few at a time, over a period, in order to 'stack' up a quantity of silver coins and create a portfolio. 

About the Krugerrand Series

The Krugerrand series is currently the only series available from the Rand Refinery. The coin was also introduced in platinum in 2017, however, these are not readily available, or competitively priced. The Rand Refinery has not yet issued a palladium Krugerrand coin. 

Unlike a number of silver coins designed by other mints, the silver Krugerrand keeps the same design each year. Only the year of minting is updated at the bottom of the coin. All silver Krugerrands are only available in the 1 Ounce size. These coins are an excellent addition to a silver portfolio. 

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