St. Helena Silver Coins

The government of St. Helena has recently begun issuing silver bullion coins with legal tender value. Silver St. Helena Guinea coins are available in current and backyear versions, in 1 ounce size only. The coins are backed by the government of St. Helena. Coins may be purchased individually or in monster boxes of 400 coins. VAT-exempt Swiss storage is also available.

Different St. Helena Coins

How does an investor go about choosing the right brand of silver coins to invest in? With so many silver coin brands available and competitive pricing in the market, it can often come down to the aesthetics of the silver coin. This is what makes St. Helena Silver Coins worth considering. St. Helena Silver Coins come in many varieties. This includes standard 1 Ounce silver coins, and rarer 10 ounce and 250 gram silver coinbars.  

The Coinbar

Branded with the 'East India Company' logo, the design and aesthetics of these coinbars stand out. To start, they are significantly larger than normal sized silver coins.

The appearance of the silver coin bars (250 gram and 10 Ounces) displays a truely unique design. Each bar features the word ‘St. Helena' at the top. The front side of the St. Helena silver coinbar contains a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Right below her image is the coin's face value of £10 followed by her name, 'HM (Her Majesty) Queen Elizabeth II'. On the reverse side is a stamped printed image of an official East India Company with the words 'The East India Company, London' directly below. Each bar has a fineness of 999. 

Traditional 1 Ounce Silver Coins

More traditional 1 Ounce St. Helana Silver coinbars also feature the same image of HM Queen Elizabeth II at the center. Circling her portrait are the words 'St. Helena, Queen Elizabeth II, and The East India Company'. The year of minting can also be found on the outer circle of the coin. On the reverse side  is an image of a Spade Guinea Shield. This image is based on  the original British Royal Arms image which was issued in 1787. 

Coins from St. Helena are also available in gold and in platinum. 

Buy East India Company Silver Coins

With backing from the government of St. Helena, a unique design, and coins available in a range of sizes, St. Helena silver coins are a fantastic option for any silver investor. These coins are available for worldwide delivery and for VAT-exemt secure storage in Switzerland. Coins can also be purchase in approximately 30 currencies, including cryptocurrencies. 

Buying Silver Coins VAT-Free

Suisse Gold carries a range of silver coins from St. Helena and the East India Company. Firstly, the renowned platform now accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin as forms of payment. Suisse Gold also accepts payments through bank transfers in a wide range of currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, and more. Clients who store silver with VAT-free qualify for one year of free bullion storage. 

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