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Discover the finest selection of 2024 brand new and uncirculated gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars at Suisse Gold. Our extensive 2024 bullion collection includes a variety of well-known and sought after coins and bars that suit any investment portfolio. 2024 gold, silver and platinum coins are available in 1 ounce and fractional ounce sizes. Some coins are also available in larger sizes. Backyear coins are also available.

2024 Gold Coins and Bars carries the complete range of gold coins produced by  the top mints and refineries worldwide. All gold coins are backed by the government that manufactures them, which adds to their popularity as an investment product. Some of the gold coins for sale at include: 

  • 2024 Gold American Eagles
  • 2024 Gold Buffaloes
  • 2024 Gold Philharmonics
  • 2024 Gold Pandas
  • 2024 Gold Britannias
  • 2024 Gold Sovereigns
  • 2024 Gold Kangaroos
  • 2024 Gold Somalian Elephants
  • 2024 Gold Noah's Arc Coins
  • 2024 Gold Maple Leafs

All of the coins mentioned above are available in convenient 1 ounce and fractional ounce sizes, except for the Panda, which is offered in gram denominations. These coins are available individually or in lots of multiple coins, up to 50 coins. 

In addition to the wide range of gold coins available, 2024 issue gold ars are also quite popular. The most popular brand 2024 gold bar is the PAMP Lunar series, however, other mints, such as the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom, also manufacture lunar series bullion bars. 

Gold 2024 bars and coins can be purchased from Suisse Gold for worldwide delivery and for secure VAT-free bullion storage.

2024 Silver Coins sells a wide range of uncirculated 2024 silver coins, which available to investors worldwide. Some of the silver coins available for sale include: 

  • 2024 Silver Eagles
  • 2024 Silver Philharmonics
  • 2024 Silver Maple Leafs
  • 2024 Silver Krugerrands
  • 2024 Silver Libertads
  • 2024 Silver Britannias
  • 2024 Silver Kangaroos
  • 2024 Silver Pandas
  • 2024 Silver Noah's Arc Coins
  • 2024 Silver Somalian Elephants

Almost all silver coins are sold in a 1 ounce size, with the exception of the Chinese Panda, available in a 30-gram variant. Some exclusive brands like the silver Koala, silver Noah's Arc Coins, and Silver Elephant offer alternative sizes, including 10 ounces and 1-kilogram coins.

You can buy silver coins from individually, in tubes of 20 or 25 coins, and in monster boxes of up to 500 coins. Silver coins make an excellent investment as they can serve as a store of value, have the potential to increase in value, and can easily be liquidated if necessary. 

2024 silver bars are also available from Popular ranges include the PAMP Lunar series silver bars, and the East India Company silver bar series. 

All silver bars from Suisse Gold are available for worldwide delivery, and  VAT-free storage is also available.

2024 Platinum Coins sells brand new and uncirulated platinum bars and coins, including the complete range of 2024 platinum coins. Some of the most popular 2024 platinum coins include:

  • 2024 Platinum Philharmonic
  • 2024 Platinum Maple Leaf
  • 2024 Platinum American Eagle
  • 2024 Platinum Britannia
  • 2024 Platinum Kangaroo

We also offer a curated selection of less common 2024 platinum coins, including the 2024 platinum Panda, 2024 platinum Krugerrand.

Platinum coins from are available for worldwide delivery and secure VAT-free storage. offers an extensive range of brand new and uncirculated 2024 precious metals to clients worldwide. With flexible payment options, including bank transfers in 20 currencies and acceptance of cryptocurrencies, investing in precious metals is easy and straightforward. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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