PAMP Palladium Bars

Buy PAMP Palladium bars from including the most popular 1 Ounce and 10 Ounce PAMP palladium bars. Bars are available for VAT-exempt storage or for delivery.

Investing in PAMP Products

PAMP is one of the most well-known names in the bullion industry for quality precious metals bars, including palladium bars. PAMP is regularly at the forefront of the industry, offering new and exciting product lines that investors actively seek out. 

PAMP was the first precious metals refinery to add a design onto their bars with the launch of the PAMP Fortuna series. The PAMP Fortuna series features an image of Lady Fortuna, a symbol of good luck and success, on the front of their bars. The Lady Fortuna or 'Fortuna' series is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and on bars ranging in size from 1 gram up to 1 Kilogram. 

PAMP Palladium Bars

The Fortuna series is currently the only series available from PAMP in palladium. This is because palladium is still less common for investors than gold or silver, and demand for palladium bars is lower, regardless of its high returns for its investors.

The PAMP palladium bar is available in 1 Ounce and 10 Ounce sizes. Both bars feature an image of Lady Fortuna on the front. The reverse of the bar features the PAMP logo, with the bar's weight, size and purity beneath. Smaller sized bars come sealed in a certicard, and large bars are sold in a plastic case with a separate certificate. 

Why Buy Palladium?

Palladium has become an increasingly popular option for investors since about 2016, when its price started to increase. Palladium is normally valued below gold and platinum. However, in 2016 its value increased, and by 2019 it was worth more than gold or platinum. In fact, palladium prices reached levels of almost double that of platinum. This price increase was a great reward for investors into the grey metal.

Palladium is used in cars and in electroncis, which means that its price can fluctuate in line with changes in consumer demand in those industries. Furthermore, annual world palladium production is significantly lower than that of gold or silver, which also makes the metal quite sensitive to changes in market demand.

Buying Palladium Bars

PAMP palladium bars can be purchased in any of 15 currencies, including EUR, CHF, GBP, USD and BTC. Clients may select when placing their order to have their palladium stored VAT-free in Switzerland, Singapore or Canada, or to request it for delivery. offers guaranteed buyback at favorable rates for clients with palladium in storage. 

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