Investment Platinum Bars

Investment grade platinum bars available from Suisse Gold. These bars are sold based on our current extra stock availability. For clients who wish to buy platinum bars but are not concerned with the brand supplied, this is an excellent option. All bars supplied have a minimum fineness of 995, which meets investment grade standards. Some sample brands provided include:

  • Argor-Heraeus
  • Heraeus
  • PAMP
  • Valcambi
  • Credit Suisse
  • or others

Other brands not included on this list may also be supplied. Bars may or may not come in a certificate and may or may not have a serial number. For investors looking to buy platinum bars online based on their price, this is the best option available. These bars are sold at the lowest premium available.  Bars may be purchased individually or in multiples of 20.

Why Buy Platinum?

Platinum is a high-value precious metal that can rival gold in terms of the raw value. On top of it maintaining a similarly high value, it also has silver's staying power during economic downturns. During the 2008 recession in the United States, platinum not only held its value, as well as silver, did, but it increased in value and produced returnes of 4% during a year where most investments saw significant declines in value. 

This high level of stability is due to two things; first, its limited nature like other precious metals keeps its value from lowering too much. Then, you have to consider that platinum is a highly sought-after metal in numerous industries.

Platinum is obviously used in the jewelry industry, but it's also a key component of fiberglass, spark plugs, petroleum and diesel manufacturing, fertilizer production, and countless other products that are used in a staggering number of industries around the world. This extremely high demand for platinum means that, even during economic downturns, its necessity keeps it stable while other investments might shrink considerably.

At the end of the day, this makes platinum highly resilient to economic fluctuations, and its high overall value makes it suitable for storing larger amounts of capital.

What is Platinum and Where Does it Come from?

Platinum is a highly malleable precious metal, which means it’s easy to produce complex products with it. However, it’s also extremely dense and unreactive to chemical exposure and various other things. This makes it one of the most useful precious metals in the manufacturing sphere.

However, platinum is difficult to smelt, due to its high melting point.  This posed a challenge for the industry as a whole until Carl Wilhem Heraeus, the original founder of the Heraeus refinery, devised a way to melt it is far larger quantities using his apothecary equipment.

Today, platinum is fairly easy to work with despite its immense durability, but it’s still a difficult metal to source.

Platinum only really found in five countries across the globe. These are Russia, The United States, Canada, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Any other countries producing it produce exceptionally small amounts. Furthermore, the platinum that is available must be dug from deep beneath the Earth’s crust, which adds significantly to the costs of excavating platinum.

Finally, once the platinum is located, another problem is presented; it’s an alloy that is usually only found in nuggets that are connected to other precious metals.

This requires platinum to be separated from the various other alloys it’s connected to before it can be properly smelted. This drives up production costs even further.

Luckily, modern production methods minimize waste and have been able to turn the compound alloys including silver into valuable assets as well. 

When all of these things are considered, it’s easy to see why platinum, while easier to work with than ever before, holds its value throughout practically any economic fluctuation that hits the market, and continues to be one of the most demanded precious metals available.

Investing in Platinum Bars

Platinum is often purchased as part of an overall portfolio, which includes a portion of precious metals. Often, precious metals make up between 5% and 20% of any overall portfolio, however this can vary depending on an investor's risk appetite. For clients looking to buy platinum, bars have benefits over coins. 

First, platinum bars are sold at a significantly lower premium to platinum coins. Platinum coins have higher manufacturing costs, and these are passed on to the investor by way of higher premiums. Platinum bars, however, are produced at significantly lower premiums. 

Additionally, platinum bars are available in a wide range of sizes. For clients who would prefer to buy platinum in increments either smaller or larger than a 1 ounce sized bar, there are many options. Platinum bars are available in sizes as small as 1 gram and as large as 1 kilogram.

Buying Investment Platinum from Suisse Gold

As we said, clients who wish to buy platinum bars based on premium and not brand can benefit from reduced premiums.  This is the case with Suisse Gold’s investment platinum bar option. Rather than picking out a specific brand of platinum bar, clients can ask fora 1 ounce platinum bar, and they will be sold a bar based on current inventory. This allows Suisse Gold to reduce the premiums that come with purchasing specific bars, and investors get a 99.5% pure platinum bar.

For client who do not wish to pay VAT-on their platinum bars, Suisse Gold offer secure VAT-free Swiss platinum storage.

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