1 Ounce PAMP Platinum Bars

Buy 1 ounce PAMP Platinum bars from Suisse Gold in various designs. 1 Ounce PAMP platinum bars are available in range of designs, including the PAMP Fortuna, PAMP Lunar and PAMP Rosa Series. PAMP platinum bars are sold in a certicard and all bars come with a serial number.

Who is PAMP?

PAMP is a massive, privately-owned bullion producer that was founded in 1977. Upon its founding, it was just a small-scale alloy producer for Switzerland’s jewelry industry.

Quickly, PAMP expanded its production and gained government contracts to produce the circulation coins for several small government entities. The company also expanded into private bullion sales, and grew to become one of the largest and most respected bullion producers in the world.

Known for its Fortuna series and unmatched dedication to quality, PAMP is a name that finds its way into precious metals portfolios around the world.

Buying PAMP Platinum:

PAMP platinum is some of the most sought-after platinum in the world. Especially when it comes to the company’s coveted Fortuna series.

Currently, the most popular bars PAMP sells are its Fortuna 1-ounce platinum bars. These offer a balance between size, value, and cost, and the inclusion of the in-demand Fortuna depiction gives them an added collectible value. 

Why are 1-Ounce Platinum Bars So Popular?

What is it about the 1-ounce bars that makes them so popular? Well, there are a few things. First, it's more accessible. Purchasing 1 kilo of platinum can be a tremendous expense for the average investor, and it's inaccessible to those in lower class brackets. While a 1-ounce bar is still expensive by most people's standards, it is much more affordable than a 1 kilogram platinum bar. 

Then, there’s the premium difference. The premium is much lower on a 1 ounce PAMP platinum bar than on a 1 gram platinum bar. And in fact, there isn't much difference in the premium between a 1 ounce and a 1 kilogram PAMP platinum bar. 

Buying 1 ounce platinum bars is a balanced option.

What is Platinum Used for?

Platinum has a number of applications beyond being a good investment. It’s a highly functional material. It’s used to produce fuel, carbon fiber, jewelry, industrial parts, and more in the vast majority of industries. This puts it in high demand, and is a reason for many investors to continue to add platinum to a portfolio as its price is likely to increase.


PAMP platinum is an excellent addition to any portfolio, and Suisse Gold sells a large variety of PAMP’s most popular bullion. We accept 15 currencies; including USD, GBP, and BTC. We also offer remote storage in secure Swiss vaults, delivery, and VAT-free transactions on silver, palladium, and platinum to all of our European clients.

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