PAMP Lunar Series Platinum

The PAMP Lunar Series:

The PAMP Lunar series is one of PAMP’s most popular bar series. It comes in silver, gold, and platinum, and it is rivaled only by PAMP’s Fortuna series in terms of collectability and recognizability.

The Lunar series is dedicated to the zodiac, and each zodiac animal is represented with its own bar. This adds an extreme level of collectability; as collectors can piece together a full set in a specific precious metal to add a tremendous level of value to their collection beyond the metal cost.

The PAMP Lunar series is available in a variety of sizes regardless of which metal you choose, and they feature a tremendous amount of detail with the obverse featuring a head-on view of the represented animal, and the reverse featuring a rear-view of said animal.

While various sizes are available, the 1-ounce size is the most popular across all metal types available.

New bars come sealed and issued with an assay.

The PAMP Lunar Series in Platinum:

PAMP's platinum portion of the Lunar lineup is easily one of the most desirable; especially in the 1-ounce format. The perfect mix of the Lunar lineup's collectability with platinum's tremendous value and investment potential makes the platinum lineup a great option for any portfolio.

As we said before, the Lunar lineup is not just one specialty bar. It’s a series of bars, and each entry represents a different part of the Chinese lunar calendar. For example, the horse zodiac sign is represented with an obverse that features a bar-spanning horse depiction in vivid detail, and the reverse features the rear of a horse or a baby horse. Which reverse side you get depends on the year the bar was manufactured; as PAMP has changed the design over the years.

Platinum Lunar bars are available in various sizes, but the 1-ounce option is the most popular.

What is PAMP Suisse?

PAMP Suisse is a private bullion producer with an interesting history starting in 1977. At first, the refinery only really produced alloys for the jewelry industry. However, as its dedication to quality earned it a reputation, PAMP began taking off as a private bullion distributor and mint for several small governments.

The company is now part of the MKS group, but it is privately owned, and it holds some of the highest accolades in Switzerland for any bullion refinery.

Buying Platinum Bars as an Investment:

Buying platinum bars as an investment is ideal regardless of how new you are to the investment world. Platinum can offset the disadvantages of silver and gold to create a more well-rounded portfolio.

It holds its value during negative economic times, and it rises during positive economic periods. This is similar to silver, but it has a value closer to gold. It’s also in high demand across the world for its functionality in several industries; making it easy to liquidate.

To buy platinum, it’s recommended to purchase 1-ounce bars. They’re easy to liquidate if need be, and they carry a relatively lower premium compared to smaller sized bars.


Suisse Gold offers a wide selection of PAMP Lunar series platinum bars, and we accept 15 currencies from around the world; including GBP, USD, EUR, and BTC. However, we also offer secure vault storage in Swiss vaults, and we offer VAT-free transactions for all of our European clients purchasing silver, platinum, or palladium.

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