Valcambi Platinum Bars

Invest in Valcambi platinum bars. Valcambi manufacture platinum bars in a range of sizes. The most popular size is the Valcambi 1 Ounce platinum bar. Valcambi also manufactures a 50-gram platinum 'combibar', which is very popular with precious metals investors. All Valcambi platinum bars are available for delivery or VAT-free storage in Switzerland. 

Platinum is another precious metal that can be beneficial to a precious metals portfolio. Valcambi is one of the most reputable bullion refiners in Europe. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company was created in 1961. They manufacture some of the most renowned precious metal ingots in the world. 

Valcambi is one of the world's leading makers of precious metals products including investment bullion bars. It was founded almost 60 years ago as Valcambi by a group of Swiss investors interested in precious metals.

It has evolved from modest beginnings via a series of acquisitions into a larger precious metals refining firm. This commitment is evident in the quality of their products.

Different Shapes of Valcambi Platinum Bar

Platinum bars are available in gram and troy ounce denominations, ranging in sizes from 1 gram up to 10 ounce, although 1 Kilogram bars are also available. Like gold bars, most platinum bars come with assay certificates verifying the bar's purity, weight, and mint of manufacture. 

Smaller gram bars are enclosed inside an assay certificate, whilst the larger bars are supplied loose with their own separate paper assay certificate. Even the heaviest platinum bar (10 oz or 1 kg) fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, demonstrating that these bars, whether tiny or enormous, are not unmanageable to store safely.

50 Gram Valcambi Platinum Bars

On the reverse side of 50 Gram Valcambi Platinum Bars, the mint emblem is shown in the bar's upper-center area. This is complemented by weight, metal content, and purity indications. At the bottom, right above the bar's serial number, is the assayer's mark. Each bar has its own serial number encoded with a two-letter, six-digit code.

The reverse side of the 50 Gram Valcambi Platinum Bars is exquisitely designed with the mint's name and mark. The Valcambi Suisse name is engraved vertically up and along the left side of the reverse field, along with the mint logo, which repeats into the far background field as a radiating picture of its form stretching to the bar's edges.

20 Gram Valcambi Platinum Bars

Each 20-gram platinum Valcambi ingot contains 99.95 fine platinum and is sealed in a certicard to protect against damage. The certicard includes information about the bar's size and fineness. Each card has a unique serial number.

The backside of each 20 Gram Bar has the Valcambi logo along with the bar's size, fineness, and serial number. Additionally, the reverse face of the bar has a replicated design overlaid with "Valcambi Suisse."

10 Gram Valcambi Platinum Bars

The front of the 10 Gram Platinum Bar has the mint's name in the lower-right area, along with the mint's emblem. A repeated square shape radiates from the logo's borders and extends to all four corners of the bar. The mint's name is written along the left side, and the bar must be held vertically to read it properly left-to-right.

The Valcambi logo also appears on the back of 10 Gram Valcambi Platinum Bars. Additionally, this side of the bar contains the bar's weight, metal composition, and purity, as well as its unique serial number. A two-letter, six-digit coding scheme denotes serial numbers of Valcambi's platinum bar series.

5 Gram Valcambi Platinum Bars

Purchase 5 grams of platinum with a well-known theme from a trustworthy producer. The Liberty series platinum bar "Statue of Liberty" is manufactured for Credit Suisse by the LBMA-accredited Swiss company Valcambi. Each bar features the world-famous Statue of Liberty located in New York City.

The back of the bar has a simple design. Embossed here are the Credit Suisse logo and the Valcambi manufacturer's mark. The weight (5 g), fineness (9995 platinum), and serial number are listed here.

1 Ounce Valcambi Platinum Bars

Valcambi's one-ounce platinum bar epitomizes investing in platinum. This platinum bar is exceptionally simplistic in form, with a gleaming polish that adds to its appeal. On the obverse of the bars, an expanding square pattern with raised edges is seen.

The front of the bar features inscriptions such as 1 oz., platinum, and 999,5, as well as the mint's emblem. Additionally, the bar's unique serial number is shown. On the back of the bar, and expanding square pattern and the word Valcambi Suisse are shown.

2.5 Gram Valcambi Platinum Bars

Purchase a traditional platinum bullion bar in a variety of denominations. This 2.5 g bar is produced by the venerable Swiss firm Valcambi. On the front, the Valcambi emblem and manufacturer's mark are stamped. The ingot's weight (2.5 g) and purity (9995 platinum) are listed below.

On the reverse, the text "Valcambi Suisse" appears against a geometric backdrop composed of concentric squares, in the center of which the manufacturer's emblem appears once again. Each bar is individually shrink-wrapped and packaged in an airtight blister card. This durable plastic card is backed with an exquisite black cloth. Additionally, all critical data, as well as a unique six-digit serial number, are printed here.

Purchase Valcambi Platinum Bars

Each year, platinum is extensively employed in a variety of sectors. Due to its resistance to corrosion and malleability, it is a popular metal for use in catalytic converters in vehicles, laboratory equipment, and electrical connections, to mention a few. With over a hundred tonnes of platinum produced each year and various sectors requesting its usage, platinum has become an extremely desirable commodity in the precious metals market. Platinum's rarity along with its demand for industrial and electrical sectors make the metal a strong investment.

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