Australian Platinum Coins

Buy Australian platinum coins at low premiums. The Australian Platypus and Kangaroo platinum coins are available in 1 Ounce sizes for delivery or VAT-free storage in Switzerland.

The Perth Mint produce a large range of platinum coins available to investors, and are one of very few mints that issue more than one platinum coin annually. All Perth Mint platinum coins are available in 1 oz size only, and each coin has a face value of $100 AUD. 

Over the last 20 years, the Perth Mint has released a range of platinum coins. Though not all are still minted annually, all have a popular following and are still regularly purchased by silver investors.

Why Invest in Platinum?

Platinum is a member of the PGMs and is considered to be a very rare metal. Annual production of platinum is less than 10% of that of gold or silver. The metal is predominantly mined in South Africa and Russia, and therefore succeptible to market volatility in those locations. Platinum has a number of applications in electronics and in automobile manufacturing. For this reason, the metal's price fluctuations are largely influenced by the auto industry, and by economic and labour conditions in both South Africa and in Russia. Contrary to popular demand, platinum prices do not necessarily correlate to gold and silver prices, and for this reason it is prudent to consider investing in platinum as part of a diversified precious metals portfolio. 

Platinum Coins from the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint release a range of platinum coins, including the Koala, the Platypus, the Kangaroo and the Lunar Series.

The Koala

The Koala was the first platinum coin to be issued by the Perth Mint. This coin was available in both ounce and gram denominations, and was produced in limited mintings - this makes them less available in the current market, and they carry a higher premium due to their numismatic value. Each year the image of the Koala was updated. The platinum Koala was discontinued in 2008, after it was launched in silver in 2007. Today the silver Koala is still minted annually, and has a large following for platinum investors. 

The Platypus

After the Perth Mint Koala was discontinued, the Perth Mint launched the Platinum Platypus coin, which was in circulation until 2017. These coins feature an image of an Australian Platypus swimming. The platypus coin is still readily available in circulation even though it has been discontinued, and as a result is still a very popular option for platinum enthusiasts looking to buy platinum coins. 

The Kangaroo

In 2017, after the platinum platypus coin was discontinued, the Perth Mint launched the platinum Kangaroo. This is the third coin in the series - the gold Kangaroo was launched in 1986, and the silver Kangaroo coin was launched in 2016. The Kangaroo series has always been one of the Perth Mint's most popular series, and it is for this reason that they released a platinum Kangaroo. Unlike the gold or silver kangaroo, the platinum Kangaroo's design remains the same each year. These coins are available individually, and at wholesale prices. 

The Lunar Series

Another recent edition to the Perth Mint's platinum coin range is the Lunar series, which is now available in platinum. 2020 marks the first year of the platinum Lunar Series, with the Year of the Rat available in a 1 Ounce Size. Like the other platinum coins available from the Perth Mint, these coins each have a face value of $100 AUD.

The Perth Mint Dragon Coin

The Dragon has always been the most popular of the Lunar Series coin's designs. The Perth Mint decided to honour this by issuing their own annual Dragon platinum coin. The first Perth Mint platinum dragon coin was released in 2019. Its design is unique - the Perth Mint also released a Dragon coin in gold and in silver, however these are both in the shape of a bar, not a coin. The platinum coin is the only one in the series that is a round shape.

Investing in platinum as part of a diversified portfolio is a good idea, and the Perth Mint offers a wide range of products to its clients to chose from. All Perth Mint platinum is recognised by the LPPM and the LBMA. Platinum from the Perth Mint is available for VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland or for delivery. 

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