British Platinum Coins

Buy British platinum coins from The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom manufacture the 1 Ounce British Britannia platinum coin and the 1 Ounce platinum coin - Queen's Beasts series. All British platinum coins are available for delivery or VAT-free storage in Switzerland.

Investing in Platinum

Platinum has become an increasingly popular option for precious metals investors in the last 20 years, and the UK were at the forefront in issuing platinum coins. Platinum prices do not necessarily correlate to gold and silver prices. Instead, the metal's price is heavily reliant on economic, political and labour conditions in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Russia, where almost 90% of the world's platinum is mined. Platinum also has many uses in the automotive and electronic industries. In particular, platinum is used to make catalytic converters for luxury vehicles. Therefore the platinum price can also fluctuate based on demand in the automotive industry.

Platinum prices can vary from gold and silver prices. Platinum does tend to increase in value during times of uncertainty. However, platinum prices have also spiked when South Africa considered nationalizing its mining industry, indicating that social and political factors can also impact the metal's price. 

It is recommended that any investor looking to put together a well balanced and diversified portfolio should consider investing in platinum. 

British Platinum Coins

Britain was the first country to issue investment grade platinum coins with its release of the platinum noble coin in 1983. Since then, Britain has released several platinum coins, including the more current platinum Britannia and platinum Queen's Beasts coins. All British platinum coins are 9995 fine investment grade platinum, and meet all international standards in terms of quality. The Royal Mint is currently responsible for the minting of all official platinum coins. British platinum coins are recognised by the London Bullion Market Assocation (LBMA).

The British Noble 

The British Noble coin was the first modern platinum coin to be released by the UK government. The coin was manufactured from 1983 until 1989, when its production was halted. These coins are unique in that they are official government coins, however they do not have a legal tender value. Instead, their legal tender value is based on coin's current market value based on its platinum content. These coins were manufactured by the Popjoy Mint on behalf of the Isle of Mann.

Each coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front. The reverse side of the coin features an image of a Viking Ship on the reverse. The design for the coin is modeled after the British Noble coin, which was used during Mideval times. Despite being legal tender on the Isle of Mann, the mint that manufactured these coins was a privately owned family mint. These coins are also sometimes referred to as Manx. Platinum Isle of Mann Nobles were minted in 10 sizes, however the 1 Oz platinum Noble is the most common size. 

Platinum Britannia Coins

The platinum Britannia series was originally released by the Royal Mint in 2017, and was its first platinum coin that was marketed towards retail precious metals investors. The Britannia series itself was launched in 1987 with the first release of the 1 Ounce gold Britannia. Since that time, the Britannia series has grown to be the most popular coin available from any European mint. Platinum Britannias are backed by the UK government, and each coin has a legal tender value of £100 GBP. Fractional Britannia coins are also available to investors.

Britannias are unique in that they have no Captial Gains Tax (CGT) payable for any UK resident who earns a profit on their purchase. That makes the platinum Britannia series the most popular platinum option for any UK resident. These coins feature the same design as the gold Britannia. The front of each coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse features Lady Britannia, walking with a trident and a shield. All platinum Britannias are 9995 fine. 

The Queen's Beasts Series

The Queen's Beasts series was introduced by the Royal Mint in 2017 in platinum, and is a series of 10 coins, featuring the Queen's Beasts, which are 10 statues tha honour the Queen's geneaology and lineage, while also honouring all parts of the United Kingdom. Some of these include the Unicorn of Scotland, the Lion of England and the Red Dragon of Wales. The series is available from the Royal Mint in Gold, Silver and Platinum. 

Buying Platinum Coins vs Bars

Many clients buying platinum ask whether it is better to buy platinum bars or coins. This depends on your investment goals. All platinum coins are available in 1 ounce or fractional ounce denominations, which makes them a popular option for individuals looking to buy platinum incrementally. Platinum coins are backed by official government mints and have a legal tender value. The fact that major governments back these mints makes thes their products very reliable and guarantees their quallity. All UK government issued platinum coins are manufactured to a purity of 9995. The Britannia and Queen's Beasts gold coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt, making them a far more appealing option for UK residents over platinum bars. 

Platinum coins can be purchased individually or in wholesale tubes of 10 or 20 coins, depending on the coin purchased. Monster boxes of 100 or 500 coins can also be purchased. For clients who do not wish to pay the VAT on their purchase, secure Swiss vault storage is available, which is VAT-exempt. Clients may request delivery at any time, or sell their platinum coins back to at favorable rates. 

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