Chinese Platinum Coins

Invest in Chinese platinum coins. Suisse Gold carries Chinese platinum coins, including the Chinese Panda series in platinum.

Why Buy Platinum Coins?

Purchasing platinum can benefit any investor. Its wealth-holding properties, high commercial demand, and high value all make it a worthwhile addition to any precious metals portfolio.

Platinum coins hold several advantages over bars.

First, platinum coins are government backed. All are issued by an official government, and have a legal tender backing which means that they're guaranteed by the issuing government to that amount. Coins also have much more intricate and beautiful designs, which can change from year to year. These designs can also add numismatic value to coins over time, as some may continue to appreciate in value.

Finally, as all platinum coins have a legal tender value, there can be tax benefits over platinum bars.

The Chinese Panda Series:

When you think of China’s wildlife, there’s one animal that comes to mind; the panda. The panda is an iconic part of Chinese culture and history that the Chinese mint has dedicated an entire line of bullion coins to it.

These coins come in various sizes, and they can be purchased in silver, gold, and platinum. All Chinese Panda coins are made from the finest bullion, and the series has an updated image of a Panda each year. This adds a lot of numismatic value to the coins, and these coins do tend to appreciate significantly over time.

The Chinese Panda Platinum Series:

The 30 Gram Chinese Panda coin in platinum is the Chinese mint’s most popular platinum coin globally. However, the series is also available in smaller sizes, ranging from 1 gram up to 30 grams. All Panda coins are made from 999.5 pure platinum. 

The designs on Panda series coins change annually, and each coin tends to feature a different artistic depiction of a panda on its obverse, while its reverse features a rear view of the panda or another artistic depiction that is reminiscent of the animal’s habitat.

Due to the changing artistic depictions, these coins are highly collectible. Coins from certain years can sell for far more than their pure platinum price, and this can greatly benefit any portfolio regardless of the price of platinum.  

Other Platinum Coins:

Platinum coins come in a number of other designs issued by mints worldwide. Other popular platinum coins include the platinum Maple Leaf, Eagle, Philharmonic, Britannia and even Krugerrand. The platinum Panda coin is the only coin available in a 30 gram size.


Suisse Gold offers a wide variety of bullion from various brands. We accept 15 global currencies, offer worldwide delivery or secure Swiss vault storage, which allows clients to store platinum, palladium and silver VAT-free in Switzerland.  

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