Gibraltar Platinum Coins

Buy Gibraltar Platinum coins from Coins are available for worldwide delivery and VAT-free storage located in Switzerland. The Royal Arms of England (RAE) is one of the most well-recognized emblems of royalty in the world. The RAE was adopted in its current form over 200 years ago and it serves as the official emblem of the monarchy in England. The British Royal Arms features on the newly launched 2022 Gibraltar Platinum Coins, which are already available for clients of

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a chemical element, which is valued both as a precious metal and as a commodity used in the manufacture of jewelry, electronic devices, and automobiles. It is denoted by the symbol Pt and has the atomic number 78 on the periodic table of elements. Platinum futures are traded on the COMEX futures market of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Bullion from Gibraltar

MTB Metals, which is owned by PAMP Suisse, has launched the world's first 1 oz platinum Gibraltar based coin. The beautiful 2022 coin is struck in 99.95 percent pure platinum. Each coin has a face value of GIP 5 and is legal money in the nation of issuance, Gibraltar. The Gibraltar pound, or GIP, is tied to the GBP.

Gibraltar is an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom and a point off the south coast of Spain. It is famous for Gibraltar's Rock, a 426m-tall limestone ridge. The outpost was originally established by Moorish sailors in the Middle Ages and later on the Spanish until it finally fell under British control in 1713.  The 2022 1 oz platinum bullion is inspired by another Gibraltar landmark, the ruins of an original Moorish castle dating to the early 1500s. Additionally, it bears Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar's official Coat of Arms.

Platinum Bars and Coins from PAMP

By far the most famous platinum product produced by PAMP is the 1Ounce PAMP Fortuna bar. For the ancient Romans, Fortuna was the goddess of fortune and a personification of fortune in early Roman cults. She was often shown beside globes, cornucopias, wheels, and wreaths.

The PAMP Fortuna series is offered in a variety of sizes in platinum. You can buy PAMP Platinum in the following sizes: 1g, 5g, 1oz, and 10oz. Each bar's front displays an image of Lady Fortuna holding a bag of money. 

How to Invest in Platinum

Platinum is mined mostly in Russia and South Africa. However, it is fairly simple to purchase investment platinum bars. Apart from its accessibility and liquidity, investing in platinum in the form of bars or coins from PAMP might be interesting to investors since, unlike stocks or bonds, it bears no counterparty risk or credit. Platinum may also help diversify a portfolio.

Platinum's relatively low price and a significant discount to gold have bolstered demand for platinum bullion products in recent years, notably in 2020. Because the danger of a worldwide epidemic spurred demand for hard assets such as platinum. 

You can invest in platinum coins via Platinum coins are available for worldwide delivery and secure VAT-free storage in Switzerland.

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