Investment Platinum Coins

What are Investment Platinum Coins?

Investment platinum coins are platinum coins that are sold by Suisse Gold based on current excess stock availability. The platinum coins that are supplied to the client will vary depending on what coins are available in inventory. For example, some of the platinum coins supplied may include Maple Leafs, Eagles, Philharmonics, Britannias, Krugerrands, Kangaroos, or others. Platinum coins may be purchased individually or in multiples of 10, and may be purchased for worldwide delivery or for secure Swiss storage which is VAT-free.

Why Invest in Platinum?

Investing in platinum is a good option for any investor, and there are unique platinum bar and coin options that make the metal ideal for collectors, too.

If you’ve been investing in bullion for a while, you probably understand that gold and silver complement each other. Gold holds its value during good economic periods, and it rises in value during economic downturns. In contrast, silver is less valuable, but it holds its value during economic downturns, and it rises in good economic periods.

Platinum combines elements of those two investments while adding a unique twist. Like silver, platinum tends to hold its value extremely well during economic downturns, but it rises dramatically during good economic periods. Its value is more comparable to gold than silver, and the metal is widely used around the world.

However, platinum has another advantage. It is constantly in high demand.  Platinum is used to make fuel, create various industrial products, medical equipment, and more. While gold and silver have some uses like that, they aren't in demand via industry to the same extent.

Platinum might not be the primary product in your portfolio, but it is instrumental to creating a well-rounded, flexible portfolio that can help you withstand practically any economic situation.

Platinum Coins:

Many investors tend to think about platinum bars when they go to add platinum to their portfolio, but coins can actually be a more viable option.

Coins can be easier to store and tend to come in more manageable sizes. In fact, 1-ounce coins are the preferred coin size among the vast majority of investors because they balance their value perfectly with their size.

Platinum coins also come in a wide variety of styles depending on the brand. Some of the popular brands include:

  • Britannias: The British Britannia coins are some of the most popular in the world. These pure-platinum coins feature Britannia herself with visual depictions of roaring seas and sailing ships in incredibly sharp detail.

  • Maple Leafs: Coming from the Canadian Royal Mint, the Maple Leaf coin is another highly sought-after coin that collectors from around the world aim to add to their collections in larger quantities. While more simplistic in their artistic designs, the Maple Leaf coins are incredibly detailed, and they are available in the sought-after 1-ounce size.

  • Philharmonics: These Austrian coins are made in commemoration of Austria's beloved Philharmonics orchestra. They feature detailed artistic depictions of the orchestra's most iconic instruments, and they are the most popular bullion coins among Austrians and many other coin collectors; there have also been multiple versions released, and that gives you more of a reason to keep coming back for more to ensure your collection has as many variations as possible.

  • Eagles: The American Eagle coins come in various metals, and they are easily some of the most recognizable pieces of Americana. Their sharp details and fine polish make them beautiful additions to any collection.

These are just some of the most popular platinum coin options available.

Is Platinum a Good Investment?

What makes platinum a good investment?

Well, you first need to understand what all it is used for. Like most things, it gets its value from its demand and the cost of extracting it.

Platinum is used around the world for a number of reasons. Over 40% of the world’s recovered platinum supply is used by the automotive industry to develop spark plugs and other parts that all vehicles rely on to operate. 

Platinum is also used for things such as fuel production for petrol and diesel vehicles, medical supplies, industrial equipment, fertilizer development, and more. This is largely due to the non-reactive nature that allows it to withstand chemical exposure presented throughout various manufacturing practices, and because of its overall durability. Finally, a relatively small portion of the world's platinum supply goes to the jewelry industry to make high-value jewelry, as platinum is stronger and more durable than gold or silver.

Despite the strong demand for platinum, the metal is incredibly rare.

Platinum is only found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Canada, and the United States. Even in those locations, it’s located deep beneath the Earth’s crust, and it’s often attached to much less valuable materials that must be removed before the platinum can be refined.

This makes the overall global platinum supply extremely low, which affects the metal's constant demand. 

Platinum is stable during bad economic times, and quickly rises in value during good economic times when companies purchase it in large quantities to manufacture products.

In comparison to gold and silver, platinum is much rarer.


Suisse Gold offers investment coins to investors looking to buy platinum coins online. These are 1-ounce coins from all brands in stock, and can be purchased individually or in multiples. Coins are shipped from available excess inventory, and therefore are sold at a reduced premium. This is a more cost-effective way to invest in platinum.

Suisse Gold accepts 15 currencies, offers VAT-free silver, platinum, and palladium transactions to all European clients, and offers secure storage in the highest quality Swiss vaults upon request.

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