Silver Rounds

Suisse Gold sell silver bullion rounds to individuals looking to invest in silver and those who are looking to purchase low-premium silver. Silver rounds are produced by private mints, and as a result sell for a lower premium than silver coins. Silver rounds are primarily available in 1 oz size. Silver rounds are available for worldwide delivery or for storage in Switzerland.

What is a Silver Round and How is it Different from a Silver Coin?

The difference between a silver round and a silver coin lies in the manufacturer. All silver coins are manufactured either by official government mints, or on behalf of government bodies by private mints. Frequently smaller countries or those with a less developed precious metals market will outsource the minting of coinage to a foreign refinery or mint. Essentially what this means is that all silver coins therefore have a legal tender value, while silver rounds do not. 

However, the legal tender value on a coin is nominal. For a one ounce silver coin, for example, where the value of the silver content has been between $10 and $40 over the last decade, the nominal legal tender value is only $1.50. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone would ever sell a silver coin for this value. But the government does guarantee it to this value. 

Silver coins carry a higher premium than silver rounds. Therefore, for clients looking to buy silver based on its premium over the spot price, silver rounds may be a more popular option than silver coins. Most silver rounds are manufactured in the United States, and the most common ones are the silver St. Gauden round and the silver Buffalo round. The United States government only issues these coins in gold, and so many private refineries issue their own variants of these in silver. Because they have no legal tender value, they are classified as rounds. 

The silver content in a one-ounce silver round is the same as a one-ounce silver coin. Therefore, for clients buying silver based on price, silver rounds may be worth considering. 

Silver Rounds vs Silver Bars

Both silver rounds and silver bars have a similar silver content. For example, a 1-ounce silver bar and a 1-ounce silver round both have a silver content of 999. Silver bars are available in a range of sizes, from 1 ounce up to 100 ounce bars. Therefore, bars may be a better option for individuals looking to invest larger amounts of money into silver. Silver rounds are nomally available in 1 ounce and 1/2 ounce sizes. They are sold in tubes of 20 pieces. One major benefit to silver rounds over large silver bars is that they are divisible, and may be sold off individually. This allows the investor greater control over their investment.

Storing Silver Rounds in Switzerland

Clients may store silver rounds in Switzerland free of charge for up to one year, and charged from 2% annually thereafter. All silver stored in Switzerland is VAT-exempt until the client accepts delivery or collects the items. Clients also have the option to sell their silver holdings back to at favorable rates at any time. Silver rounds may be purchased in any of 15 currencies.

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