Wholesale Gold

Wholesale Gold

Buy gold for wholesale prices. Gold bars and coins are available to investors and collectors, including wholesale PAMP, wholesale Credit Suisse and wholesale gold coins, including wholesale gold krugerrand, maples and eagles for secure vault storage and worldwide delivery.

What is Wholesale Gold?

Wholesale gold consists of gold bars and gold coins that are sold in larger quantities and therefore the metal is sold at a reduced premium. This includes gold coins that are supplied in tubes, such as tubes of 50 x 1/10 ounce gold coins, and monster boxes. Gold monster boxes contain between 100 and 500 gold coins, depending on the manufacturer. For gold bars, this includes order of 20 or more 1 ounce gold bars. Typically wholesale gold is considered to be low premium, low margin gold. 

Wholesale Gold Coins

SuisseGold.com sell a large range of wholesale gold coins. These include the American Eagle series, which is available in fractional and one ounce sizes at wholesale prices, and American Buffalo gold coins. Also available are the Canadian Maple Leaf, wholesale gold British Britannia and Sovereign coins, Austrian gold Philharmonics, and South African Krugerrands. Some coins that have more of a numismatic quality, such as the gold Chinese Panda, are not available wholesale. Wholesale gold coins are available for VAT-exempt Swiss storage or delivery.

Wholesale Gold Bars

SuisseGold.com offers a large range of gold bullion bars at wholesale prices. These include the PAMP Fortuna gold bar series, and the LBMA approved brand of our choice gold bar. All LBMA approved gold bars come from suppliers, which are approved by the London Bullion Market Association. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has also approved these bars. Wholesale gold bars are an excellent choice for those looking to store larger amounts of gold bullion in Switzerland.

Wholesale Gold vs. Low-Margin Gold vs. Low-Premium Gold 

What is the difference between low margin or low premium and wholesale gold? Wholesale gold generally refers to gold that is sold in larger quantities. Wholesale gold is available for clients looking to purchase gold in larger quantities, and for dealers. Low margin or low premium gold bars and coins refers to the premium of the spot metal price with the coins or bars sell at. Though this is quite relevant for individuals looking to invest in gold bars and coins it is not as important as the underlying spot metal price at the time of purchase. 

What are the Best Low Margin Gold Bars and Coins to Buy

For clients looking to invest in low-premium gold bars and coins SuisseGold.com recommend the 1 Ounce LBMA Approved gold bar. Other popular options for wholesale gold investors include the 1 Ounce gold Britannia and gold Sovereign. These are particularly popular with British gold investors, as they have tax advantages. However, the two most popular gold coins available for wholesale investment are the 1 Ounce gold Krugerrand and the 1 Ounce gold Maple Leaf.

Storing Wholesale Gold in Switzerland

SuisseGold.com offers its clients secure Zurich based bullion storage. This option is particularly popular with clients looking to securely store their bullion. Clients may select to have their purchase delivered to them or to sell it back to SuisseGold.com at any time.  

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