Palladium for Storage in Switzerland presents a wide range of palladium products for secure storage in Switzerland. Products available include palladium bars from top manufacturers including Valcambi, Argor-Heraeus, PAMP Suisse, and Credit Suisse. These bars come in several sizes, with the most frequently chosen being the 1 ounce and 100 gram palladium bars. Alongside bars, we also offer an assortment of palladium coins, including the palladium Maple Leaf and the Palladium Eagle. These coins can be acquired individually or in larger quantities, such as tubes of 10 or 20 coins. Customers have the option to store their palladium bars and coins in Switzerland, with the flexibility to either collect them or have them delivered at a later date as per their convenience. All palladium storage of bars and coins is VAT-free. 

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