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What are the Most Popular Valcambi Suisse Bars to Invest In??

Valcambi Suisse, based out of Mendrisio Switzerland, is one of Switzerland's most prominent and prestigious precious metals refinery. The company manufactures and produces some of the most popular precious metals products available to investors today, including platinum bars in a range of sizes, the very famous combibar, and its minted bar range. Let's take a look at Valcambi's most popular products, and why clients like to invest in them.

Who is Valcambi Suisse?

Valcambi SA, established in 1961 in Balerna, Switzerland, is a prominent entity in the precious metals refining industry, primarily known for its refining operations and production of high-quality precious metals products for investors. Over the decades, Valcambi has evolved into a leading refiner globally, accredited by major precious metals exchanges and associations, signifying its adherence to stringent quality and ethical standards. The company specializes in refining gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, offering a wide array of services including recycling, assaying, and the fabrication of cast and minted bars. Its bars, recognized for their purity and quality, are widely sought after by investors and financial institutions worldwide. Valcambi's consistent commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and ethical sourcing underpins its esteemed position in the global precious metals market.

Valcambi's Most Popular Products:


1. The 1 Ounce Valcambi Minted Gold Bar

The 1 ounce Valcambi minted gold bar is Valcambi Suisse's most popular product, distinguished by its high purity level of 999.9, its popular size of 1 ounce, and its low premium. This product is designed for optimal liquidity and investment value, offering individual investors a reliable asset for their portfolio. Each bar is sold in a certicard carrying the distincive Valcambi logo, which helps protect the bars from being damaged. 1 Ounce gold bars are typically the most popular size, due to the fact that they are the smallest size bar to carry quite a low premium. The 1 Ounce Valcambi Godl bar is popular with clients worldwide. 

2. The Valcambi Combibar Gold Bar in 1 Ounce and 50 Gram Sizes

The Valcambi CombiBar's popularity stems from its divisibility, allowing investors to split the bar into smaller segments without diminishing its gold content or value. This divisibility enhances its liquidity and makes it versatile for both investment and emergency economic scenarios. In fact, the bar was initially designed to replicate the size of a credit card, so it could fit into a wallet easily. This bar appeals to investors who appreciate the unique design of the combibar as well as those concerned about the future of fiat currency. The bar's design allows the gold to be used in place of fiat currency in the event of a collapse of the financial system. 

3. Valcambi Minted Gold Bars in 10 Gram and 100 Gram Sizes

For clients looking to invest into gold in increments either smaller or larger than the 1 ounce bar, the 10 Gram and the 100 Gram Valcambi Minted Gold bars are the most popular sizes. The 10 Gram Valcambi gold bar can be bought and sold in much smaller increments, making it more popular with investors who want more control over their portfolio. The 100 Gram bar, likewise, is more popular with clients who want to store gold bars in larger increments. The 100 gram Valcambi gold bar is the largest size that is sold in a certicard. These sizes are also very popular in Europe, where gram denomination gold bars are preferred over ounces.

4. The Valcambi Cast Gold Bar in 50 Gram and 100 Gram Sizes

Many clients prefer the appearance of the cast gold bar, which is made using more traditional gold pouring methods. The Cast gold bar series from Valcabmi is only available in larger sizes, ranging from 50 gram up to 100 gram. By far, the most popular sized cast gold bars sold are the 50 gram and 100 gram Valcambi cast gold bars. Cast bars generally have a lower premium than minted bars, as the manufacturing isn't as costly. This also adds to the appear of the cast bar for investors.


1. The Valcambi 1 Kilogram Cast Silver Bar

The most popular sized silver bar for investors is the 1kilogram size. This size bar, like the 1 ounce gold bar, provides an optimal balance between the bar's premium and its versatility. While larger bars do carry slightly lower premiums, they quickly become very heavy. This size bar can still easily be carried, yet it carries a much lower premium than smaller sized silver bars. The 1 Kilo Cast Valcambi bar is the most popular design Kilo bar, as cast bars do carry a lower premium than minted bars.


2. The Valcambi Combibar Series in Silver

Valcambi currently releases two combibars in silver, both weighing a total of 100 gram. The first contains 100 individual 1 gram silver bars, and the second contains 10 individual 10 gram silver bars. Both are sold in similar packaging, and sealed in a certicard. These bars are equally popular, and many precious metals enthusiasts like to purchase several of these bars as part of their portfolio.


1. The 1 Ounce Valcambi Platinum Bar

Valcambi's longstanding bestselling platinum product is the 1 ounce Valcambi Suisse Platinum Bar. This bar is sold with a reasonably low premium, but is easily recognised worldwide. As platinum has much lower trading volumes than gold, the bars traditionally are only available in a small number of sizes.


1. The Valcambi Platinum Bar in Smaller Sizes - 1 Gram, 5 Gram and 10 Gram

Due to the recent growth in popularity in investing in platinum, Valcambi has recently introduced its platinum bar series in a range of smaller sizes. The smaller sized platinum bars range in size from 1 gram up to 20 grams. Many clients who are just beginning to invest in platinum or palladium as part of a portfolio prefer these new, smaller sized bars. The most popular sizes are the 1 gram and 5 gram Valcambi platinum bars.


1. The Valcambi Suisse 1 Ounce Palladium Bar

Palladium has shot to the forefront of the precious metals market after its record price rally in 2021. The metal, which typically trades at around 50%-70% of the price of platinum, saw its price rally to more than 300% that of platinum, even surpassing the gold price. This massive price move spurred many investors on to add palladium bars to their precious metals portfolio. Valcambi's most popular palladium product is the 1 ounce Valcambi Palladium Bar. Like all smaller sized Valcambi Suisse minted products, this bar is supplied in a certicard, and comes with a serial number. It is one of the most recognised palladium bars available on the market today.


Suisse Gold offers its clients the unique opportunity to invest in Valcambi silver, platinum and palladium VAT-free. This is possible via the company's secure precious metals storage program, located in Switzerland. For clients, particularly those located in Europe, who want to invest in precious metals without the burden of VAT, this is an ideal option. offers a wide range of VAT-free precious metals, including Valcambi products. The most popular VAT-free Valcambi products from are outlined below.

1. VAT-Free Valcambi Suisse 1 Kilogram and 100 Ounce Cast Silver Bars

Investors looking to buy silver bars for VAT-Free storage typically prefer to purchase silver in larger denominations. Therefore, the larger sized Valcambi bars, the 1 Kilogram and the 100 Ounce silver bars are the most popular sizes. These bars are sold with a discount to those for delivery, with the difference only charged if a client requests delivery. 

1. VAT-Free Valcambi Suisse 1 Ounce Platinum Bars

For clients looking to buy platinum bars for VAT-free storage, the VAT-Free Valcambi 1 Ounce platinum bar is the most popular bar. Like its silver counterparts, the Valcambi platinum bar sells for a reduced premium to those bought for delivery, with the difference only charged if a client requests delivery. 



Valcambi Suisse is one of the most popular names in the precious metals industry, and for good reason. The company regularly releases high qualtiy gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars for investors worldwide. Valcambi gold and silver bars are some of's bestselling products. The company's wide range of products means that there is something available for every investor, no matter their preference. Valcambi bars are an excellent option for any investor, new or experienced.
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