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Suisse Gold offers wholesale bullion to dealers and clients looking to purchase larger amounts of bullion for storage or delivery. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are available in wholesale amounts, including monster boxes. Bullion available at wholesale rates is sold at a lower premium over the metal spot price. Bullion bars and coins, and gold, silver, platinum and palladium are available at wholesale rates. 
Low Margin Brand of our Choice Bullion
For clients looking for lower margin bullion, SuisseGold.com carry a range of products titled 'Brand of our Choice'. Clients looking to buy precious metals can do so at lower premiums. 'Brand of our choice' bullion is selected based on current inventory stock for clients looking to buy on price, and not by brand. All 'Brand of our choice' bars supplied are LBMA approved. 'Brand of our choice' coins are all manufactured by official government state mints. 
Wholesale gold bars and coins are available from SuisseGold.com. Wholesale gold bars available include boxes of 20 or 25 1 Ounce bars, including PAMP gold bars and LBMA approved gold bullion bars. All gold coins are also available in tubes of 10-20 coins. Wholesale gold coins are available from all major government mints, including wholesale gold Sovereigns, Krugerrands, Maple Leafs, Philharmonics, American Eagles and Britannias.
Silver is available in wholesale quantities for investors looking to buy silver in larger quantities. This includes silver monster boxes of coins, and wholesale lots of silver bars. Silver coins from the major government mints, including silver Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Philharmonics, and American Eagles are available. Silver bullion may be stored VAT-exempt or delivered worldwide. 
Wholesale Platinum & Palladium
Both platinum and palladium are popular with investors, particularly due to recent price changes in the metals due to demand changes from the automobile industry. SuisseGold.com offers its clients the option to buy platinum and palladium bars and coins in wholesale quantities. This includes wholesale tubes of 10 and 20 coins, and lots of 20 bars. Wholesale platinum and palladium sells at a lower premium to individual bars and coins. 
Storing Wholesale Bullion in Switzerland
Many clients do not wish to take delivery of wholesale bullion. Silver, platinum and palladium all have significant VAT payable upon delivery within Europe. Clients also prefer the security of leaving their bullion securely stored in Switzerland, instead of taking delivery. For these clients SuisseGold.com offers Swiss secure bullion storage. Clients may take delivery of their bullion or sell their holdings back to SuisseGold.com at any time, at favorable rates. 
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