Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

Buy the Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf gold bars in 1 Ounce size. Suisse Gold sell RCM gold bars in sizes ranging from 1 ounce to 1 kilogram. The 1 ounce RCM Maple leaf bar is very popular with gold investors due to the low premium on the bar. RCM gold bars are available for worldwide delivery or for storage in our vaults.

About the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint was founded in the middle of the 19th century in Ottawa, Canada. Initially it was a branch of the Royal Mint, and its purpose was to refine all of the gold and silver bullion that was being mined in Canada, instead of exporting the rock back to the UK to be mined. At that time, the Mint was manufacturing mostly gold Sovereigns on behalf of the United Kingdom.

In 1901 the Mint became independent and known as the Royal Canadian Mint, however it was still part of the Commonwealth. The Mint was responsible for manufacturing all the Candian government's official legal tender coinage, in addition to refining precious metals.

The Mint first released their own range of coins, the Canadian Maple Leaf series, in 1979, in response to the huge popularity of the Krugerrand gold coin, which was released by South Africa in 1967. The mint later released the Canadian Maple Leaf series in silverplatinum and palladium

The Royal Canadian Mint quickly made a name for itself in the retail bullion industry, and by the early 1980s the Canadian Maple Leaf was the most popular gold coin worldwide.

RCM Gold Bars 

The Royal Candian Mint release a gold bar in three sizes - 1 Ounce, 10 Ounces and 1 Kilogram. Both the 10 Ounce and the 1 Kilogram gold bar are designed primarily for industrial use or for purchase via Comex or LBMA delivery. 

Both the 10 Oz and 1 Kilogram RCM gold bars contain 999.9 fine (or 24 karat) gold bullion. The top of each bar features the RCM logo, and the bottom features each bar's unique serial number. Due to the very low premium on these bars, they are popular with larger investors.

The 1 Ounce RCM gold bars however, were designed to appeal to retail gold investors, and inspired by the popularity of the Maple Leaf coin. These bars are referred to as Canadian Maple Leaf bars, as they feature a design similar to the coin. At 999.9 fine, these are some of the purest gold bars available on the market. Their purity, along with their low premium and serial numbers, make them very popular with investors.

Buying Royal Canadian MInt Gold for Worldwide Delivery or VAT-Free Storage offers its clients the options of worldwide delivery or VAT-Free secure Swiss storage located in Zurich, Switzerland. Clients may purchase bullion in any of 20 currencies and 8 cryptocurrencies. VAT-Free storage is free of charge for the first year.

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